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How 160 Football Boots met For Grassroots Development Disappeared

By @Vjwale
It was a typical case of 419 that met Sports enthusiast, David Doherty’s way of giving back to society and enhancing sports in the grassroots. 
The CEO of Team Nigeria UK and International , had revealed how a certain someone siphoned a shipment of over 160 pieces of Nike new boots sent by the organization .
Expressing his discontent about what went down, he narrated,
” Really I am disheartened over this turn of events, a little effort to support young people who are interested in sports has been nipped in the bud.
“We Team Nigeria UK and International had sent 200 pieces of Nike new boots to this person who promised to facilitate the distribution of the boots.
” The boots had been sent to support the efforts of young people participating in sports at the grassroots. We intended to use those boots for an Academy we had made plans to set up with the intervention of state Govt.
” However we realised they were not forthcoming despite several meetings in person and via phone calls.
“When He received the Items in his office, He did a post on Facebook like a press release to announce and coloured the whole stuff making it look as if the state had bought our idea and we’re ready to make a go at it.
“From the 200 Boots, we asked him to donate 20 football boots to a grassroots football team that approached us for support as a give back to help the young lads, He did as instructed and made video and picture of the donation and the team also sent theirs as well.
“Thereafter he asked us to help with some for his Dad Burial that he was hosting a football tournament to honour his Late Dad and to which we supported the idea, so I think he took 16 pieces ( Lets say overall 20 boots ) so we were left with 160 pieces.
“Just before we travelled to Nigeria, I personally reminded him that we would require the boots be moved to Lagos as they were to be used for Sportedu+ in schools, to which he affirmed saying No problem,
“Alas, on getting to Nigeria he still went on with the facade,  making me believe that the boots were intact and he would send it over to Lagos.
“When it dawned on us that this man was not being straightforward, we questioned him over the remaining boots amounting to over 142 , he purportedly claimed that there was an issue of theft and they had been stolen from his office ” he revealed.


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