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How Athlete Shed Blood, Loses Tooth to Win Gold Medal

National champion, Kolawole Fisayo has said that he was not promised any prize money from Ondo state if he wins the gold medal at his event, rather all he did was for his own personal ambition.

He lost blood and almost lost a tooth to win the wrestling gold medal in 61kg category during the 19th National Sports Festival.

Fisayo in a chat after winning the gold medal on Saturday said that it has been his dream to win the gold medal at any national wrestling competition and he is very happy that he achieved this feat at the National Sports Festival.

Though, he had lose some blood when he cut his lips at the semi-final when he dethroned the champion.

“I trained very hard to win this gold medal. I was ready to shed my blood to win this gold medal. My semi-final fight was the bloodiest as I came against the champion, who had defeated me five times before at national wrestling tournaments.” Fisayo said.

“The final match was very difficult too. I was the lips injury i sustained in the semi-final fight, but i had to do all that i could to win the gold medal.

“I was not promised any money by Ondo state government. I was not thinking about money. I just wanted to win and continue working hard for Olympics qualifier and other future tournaments that will help me career,”he said.

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