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Muktar Pledges To Reposition Football In FCT If…

 In efforts to develop football in the nation’s capital, foremost grassroots football promoter and President of Heart FC, Adam Muktar Mohammed has pledged to turn around football if elected as the chairman of the FCT Football Association.

Mohammed who spoke to journalist during the screening of the contestants at the FCT sports department in Abuja yesterday said he was vying for this position is to see how he can contribute his own quota in changing the face of football in the FCT.

“I am not pretending to be a messiah but I am willing to take charge and lead, it is when you are ready to commit yourself others will commit and attract funding and sponsorship,” he said.

“I am prepared to spend my own money, I have been doing it and I will continue to do it but I can’t do it alone.

Mohammed who is also a licenced FIFA agent expressed his disappointment at the deplorable situation of the FA office at Old Parade ground and the Area 3 playground.

He further vowed to turn the Area 3 playground around by building toilets, dressing rooms, stadium stands, renovate the car park and stadium environment.

“I am ashamed each time I see the office at the Old Parade, it is an eyesore. If I am voted, we shall rebuild the office as well as the Area 3 playground’s toilet, dressing rooms, car park, and stadium stands.”

Mohammed noted that the FA has not done enough in the past to attract sponsors, adding that no serious company will deal with FA without online presence and office.

“How do we attract sponsors and partners, when we don’t a befitting office, more so, there is no website, and social media push? The league has been run without adequate media hype. We cannot attract sponsors like that,” he concluded

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