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Sfc SLUTKS of Belarus signs Nigerian rising star Fanen

After signing Kada City utility player, Umar Mohammad Belarus top side, SFC SLUTKS has once again signed up another Nigerian talent, Fanen Joseph.

The JM Liberty club and Academy of Makurdi, Benue state attacker attracted the interest of the Haruna Babaginda football academy when they watched him play in Abuja.

Fanen was also then taken to Belarus to undergo trials alongside compatriot, Umar Mohammad, and just like Muhammad Fanen also impressed in the trials.

The young Nigeria attacker was also given a one year contract with an option of an extention should he perform to their expectation at the end of the one year contract.

The Haruna Babaginda football academy agent, Muhtar Jibril mostly known by his friends as Fifason expressed happiness with the performance of both Umar and Fanen expressing confidence that they have what it take to make it in Europe.

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