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NPFL: Niger Sacks Tornadoes Management Appoints Dada

Niger State government has sacked the management committee of Niger Tornadoes Football Club over the poor run of the team in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and appointed  Engr. Ibrahim Dada as the sole administration of Niger Tornadoes Fc of Minna

Niger state Commissioner of Sports, Mr. Duza Babur in a press statement he personally issued said the decision was carried out after due consultation with relevant stakeholders.

 “This dissolution is premised on the dismal performance of the club in the current Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). In addition, the seemingly continuous administrative lapses of the management have reached an intolerable level and the ministry is left with no further option than to take this drastic action.

“We wish to reiterate that despite several meetings and advise from the ministry to the management, the management has continued to demonstrate the lack of wherewithal to bring the club out of its present predicament.

“Consequent, the once dreaded and admired Niger Tornadoes have now become a subject of mockery. This has led to the loss of confidence by the supporters of the club.

“Following these submissions, the ministry has no other option than to dissolve the management and appoint a sole administrator to pilot the affairs of the club to the end of the season.

“The sole administrator is expected to work hand in hand with the ministry to bring the club out of the mess and take it to the next level.”

Niger Tornadoes rock the bottom of Group A in the Nigerian abridged league with 10 points from 13 games, having won 1, drew 7 and lost 5 games.


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