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8 nations to represent Africa at 2019 World Beach Volleyball championship

At the end of the ongoing Africa Nations Beach Volleyball Seniors Championship for men and women in Abuja, eight nations would qualify to represent the continent at the 2019 World Championship in Hamburg Germany.

The championship which started on Tuesday at Jabi Lake Park is being organised by the Nigerian Volleyball Federation in conjunction with the Confederation of African Volleyball, CAVB.

The president of the Control Committee for the championship which ends of April 27, Ahmed Khanu said five out of the 18 male teams and three out of the 13 female teams that are competing in the championship would qualify for Hamburg 2019.

Khanu said, “We are expecting that whichever team qualifies will make a perfect showing in terms of representing Africa in the world championship. When they go out there, they won’t be mere participatory teams but would make serious impact.

“21 teams in both male and female are participating in the championship and at the end, five male teams and three female teams would represent Africa at the World Championship in Hamburg, Germany, later in the year.”

He also said competition at the ongoing tournament in Abuja is high because almost all the top ranked nations are participating.

Khanu added that with technical support from CAVB and individual efforts, African teams have come of age in world volleyball.

“Generally, the top ranked teams in Africa are here. From the first to the 8th ranked team, from Mozambique to South Africa, up north to Morocco, Tunisia to the West Coast of Sierra Leone where the second ranked team is coming from, all are here so I can say 49 to 50 % of the best teams in Africa are here.

“We have come a long way as Beach Volleyball family and with the kind of expertise being developed by CAVB as well as individual efforts of coaches and the players, you cannot rule out the possibility of major upsets here, ” he said.

“We are doing very well because we have been to major world championships where we gained points and ranking. Some of the athletes like Leo Williams from South Africa won gold medal in world championships. So we are making progress,” he said.


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