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NNL: Kada City official alleges plans by EFCC fc, NAF fc, FCT FA to fix match

The Chief Operating Officer of Nigeria National League side, Kada City football Club of Kaduna, Ekene Adams has alleged that the the two Abuja clubs, EFCC football club and NAF Rocket fc in conjunction with the FCT FA have concluded plans to fix the lat league match of the group.

Speaking with news men in Abuja on Tuesday, Ekene noted that the plan by the Abuja FA is to ensure that two club from the territory make it to the Super 8 with Road safety already qualified.

To this end, he alleged that they have concluded plans to assist NAF Rockets fc to make it by appealing with EFCC football club whom he said has openly stated that they do not have plans to play in the Nigeria premier league to give the final league match to NAF Rockets fc.

Ekene agued that if this is allowed to happen it will not be good for the Nations football. He said,

“Some few elements wants to hold the league to ransom. The persons of the Abuja FA in conjunction with EFCC football club and the NAF football club. The league has come to the last Game which will be played this weekend. The NNL has done well for the fixtures and three team are jostling for the first position that will represent the group at the Super 8, which are EFCC Football club, NAF Rocket of Abuja and Kada City of Kaduna.

“I think that if care is not taken there are plans to fix the league because it has shown itself in the last two games with lots of threats, with NAF using military guys to harass people. And i also think that EFCC has come out to say that they have nothing to lose because they cannot play next season because they have no sponsor.

“So, they want to use themselves in conjunction with the FA of Abuja, and i think the world need to know this. And we need to call the attention of the EFCC Chairman that the country is watching him and the president slogan is to fight corruption, and i do not think it is better for the Nation to witness such act,” he said.

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