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After NYSC, What Next…

It is a dream come true to every Nigerians to be on National Youths Service Corps(NYSC) uniform, the enthusiasm is not just borne out of the eagerness to serve their beloved fatherland but the uniqueness and absolute reverence that is attached to the uniform has necessitated the rationale for over seventy percent of us to had struggled yet some still struggling to put on the uniform. If that should be the case, after one year of the national service, what next?

Indeed corp members are perceived in our society as all learned, responsible and responsive that can easily impact good moral and standard behavior unto the upcoming generation and also people with a glittery future. However, the Corpers view the temporary one year of national service with optimism, especially that which is directed towards securing a ‘white collar job’ at the end of the program. The general perception is that the government would employ them and start collecting juicy wages and other benefits without taking a realistic feasibility of the current reality.

Today, alot of graduates are on the street flowing like river Niger into the River benue with the eagerness to gain a profiting and sustainable jobs, yet, there is no perfect solution to the unavailability of jobs. Some who luck came to their favour to get a job after their service year, got it 3 to 4 years after, some ten years While others are not even lucky to secure neither governmental nor non-governmental jobs before death come and steal them from their papers (certificate).

I learned that no any organization or government parastatal can welcome your Curriculum vitae if there’s no NYSC certificate in it, a show of national value attached to the certificate. But the question that got alot of fresh and senior applicants worried is; After one year of serving Nigeria, what next?

After service, there are alot of challenges in what is widely called the labour market. This level determine whether if your certificate would do justice or injustice to your personality. Yes, all of us graduated from our respective schools and it is believed we all have that paper qualifications but wait, look inwardly and ask rhetorically, after my four or five years in school, what can I offer an organization? I believe alot of graduates would find it difficult and complex to provide an objective and coherent answer to this question. And that’s why Nigeria government is often pushed to the wall by opportunists and nepotists to still embrace unskilled, unproductive and unprofessional graduates.

Recently, there’s this heartbreaking and heartaching report that spewed from NYSC that some graduates coming from Kotonou and Benin Republic to partake in the one year national service doesn’t know how to Spell nor speak good English language. Funny enough these category of graduates graduated with first class and, second class upper results respectively. But those who labour hard to study in this country often graduated with third class and second class lower.

To my dear Corp members, we should have it both at the back and front of our mind that the labour market is not smiling. We have to sit tight and prepare ourselves to face the reality as obtainable in our society. We have to prepare to meet the good, bad and ugly part of the labour market. These three phases either make you or mar you. Dont depends on your brothers, sisters, or Uncle who may not be practically available. Most of them always have a sugar-coated mouth when in school, at the point of job hunt they are always deserted. The quest begin with you, be mentally ready and assertive as you strive to gain one. Truly the Labour market is pregnant with ugly face, the baby it will deliver often depends on how manipulative you will be with your inherent or learned skills.

To this end, I will admonish we should always squeeze time out of our busy scheduled to cry to Almighty God who is in charge of all the appointment to see us through, because post-NYSC affairs is like a chameleon faeces which we have stepped on, going back is not always subtle but with prayer and physical struggle we can surmount the various obstacles and threats.

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