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‘I Suffered Several Disappointments With National Team’

Former Nigeria junior international Moses Lucky Boy Amata has described his life with national team as miserable, saying he suffered several disappointments and embarrassments in his bid to make a living in football.

He said he had been in football ever since he was toddler, but frustration lead him to ball jungling where he discovered his talent through a friend.

“I was dropped from U-17 final list to Japan 93 at the last minute. I was also invited to the YSFON Team that was going to the Gothia Cup which I was later dropped through politics in Sweden.

“So, I took up football juggling because of frustration I had during my playing periods and I finally discovered my God-giving talent through a friend that insisted I must juggle ball with Bournvita and Coca Cola outfit during the final of an event.

“My life with the national team was miserable. I travelled with the national teams to different part of the world as a ball juggler and I grace the Mali 2002 Nations Cup in Bamako which I displayed at the opening ceremony and I was invited by Walter Gagg, FIFA Executive Director, who was impressed with my performance and invited me to grace the 2002 World Cup in Japan. But unfortunately, my invitation letter was sent to then Sports Minister, Ishaya Mark Aku of blessed memory who died in a plane crash before the World Cup in Japan and my invitation letter were not found after his death.

“Why I am sad about my soccer career was during the 1998 World Cup in France which the then minister of sports, Mr. Emeka Omeruah took me to France and Adidas officials gave me opportunity to juggle ball during Adidas Outfit during the World Cup. The officials of the Adidas took me to Nigerian Ambassador in France for a letter of Introduction and which I was denied by Ambassador. The contract that I would have signed during the World Cup in France with Adidas that would have change my destiny as a ‘Ball Juggler and Soccer Player’ was derailed by the frustration I had in France with the Ambassadors of Nigeria in France.”

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