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Stay Out of Stress For 6 Months – Doctor Advises Kada City Proprietor

Kada City Football Club owner, Mr Ekene Adams has been advised by doctor to stay out of noisy environment and anything that could increase his heartbeat at least for the next six months.

This piece of advise was given to him by doctors who are attending to him at the Primus International Speciality Indian Hospital in Karu, Abuja.

Ekene Adams was admitted to the Indian hospital on Friday 25th September, 2019 for heart and lung related ailment.

He has spent 19 days undergoing intensive treatment at the hospital in Abuja.

Speaking with www.bsnsports.com.ng correspondent from his room at the hospital, the Kada City owner said that he has been suffering g from the disease for a long time.

“I have spent 19 days here in Abuja hospital for a lung related disease. The doctor have advised me to stay out of activity that can bring stress, noisy environment and that i should avoid cold things for at least 6 months.

“The doctor said the lung infection started about 17 years ago and since my arrival at the hospital i have been undergoing proper medication to get the heart beat working normally

They (doctors) have warned to stay away from what can increase my heart beat for now.” Ekene Adams told BSN Sports

World Health Organisation in their annual brochure has warned that lung related disease patients are expressed as 5 years survival if they did not take to doctor’s advise.

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