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Team Nigeria UK To Launch Fustar Youth League In March

Team Nigeria UK International (TNUKI) is set to stage the maiden edition of the Fustar Youth Football League in Abuja.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Doherty, while unveiling the league in the nation’s capital yesterday, said that the football league named Fustar Youth League was his way of contributing to the development of sports in Nigeria starting from the grassroots.

“This initiative is a way of adding our bit to developing sports in Nigeria. We will use the UK model and platform to develop grassroots football in Nigeria,” he said.

David who is a former Nigerian international revealed that he has been doing this for the last 7 years without support from the government except for the English FA, the NFF and some patriotic Nigerians.

“Fustar is where the kids will get involved in a competitive league and we are going to work with the school calendar. We want a situation whereby the kids will combine sports with education.

According to TNUKI, the league will begin with the students in the private secondary schools in Abuja while public school students will come in after the league has successfully taken off.

“The Nigerian football system does not have a youth league just as it is done in Europe. We want to fill that gap, make a difference and in the process, help tackle age cheat in Nigerian football,” he concluded.

The Fustar Youth League is for the children between the ages of 14 and 16 which will kick off on March 8.
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