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AFN Lectures Suspended Board Members on Claims of Website Hijack, Labels It Laughable

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The President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) Hon. Engr. Ibrahim Shehu-Gusau, has lambasted claims by suspended Vice President, Olamide George, that he hacked the World Athletics (WA) website and manipulated the information.
While speaking at the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) All Comers Competitions in Ozoro, Delta state,yesterday, responding  to these claims which he considered laughable, Gusau stated that there is no way the site could have been hacked and information manipulated seeing as it is only the administrator who has the authority to post and publish materials on the site.
“The claim by suspended Olamide George that Ibrahim Gusau hijacked is using the password of the AFN to post wrong information on the World Athletics website is laughable” he said.
“The fact is that Ibrahim Gusau has the password of the email of the AFN and not the password for the website of the WA. Olamide’s assertion is a clear indication of his ignorance. Nobody can post information on WA website, except their Administrator”.
Elaborating on the portfolios attached to designated leaders, Gusau stated that the suspended Members of the Board were not aware of the changes as the international Athletics Associations have adopted new nomenclature for the Heads of Administration. Most Athletics Federations have changed from Secretary General to Director General.
“Most Federations now use Director General, not Secretary General. This is another display of ignorance as WA and CAA changed the nomenclature of their Administrative Heads leading to other national bodies towing same line”.
“Those making claims should keep abreast of things and refer to the AFN Constitution as amended concerning the Director General, Mr Pepple, who according to them cannot be Secretary General because he does not work with the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development”.
President Gusau also dismissed claims of funds misappropiation emphasizing on the fact that he does not have the powers to withdraw funds from the AFN’s account, seeing he is not a signatory to the account. He advised the distraught Olamide to stop making ridiculous allegations without that display his lack of knowledge on these issues.
“On the issue of funds, Olamide needs to read the Financial Regulations to learn that government has a provision that prohibits it’s agencies from giving government money to private persons (citizens) to spend”.
“This provision is to ensure that those who disburse government funds will return to account  for them.  If Olamide does not had asked  questions, perhaps he would have been learnt and probably stopped embarrassing his pay masters”.
“The FMYSD appoints Treasurers for NSFs so that they can handle the financial transactions of the Federations and render the mandatory accounts.”
“Furthermore, the AFN President is not a signatory to the AFN’s account that is domiciled with the CBN.The signatories are the Secretary General and Treasurer”.
“How then did he get access to the funds? Olamide should be answering questions on his pronouncements. He should stop feeding Nigerians with lies just because he wants to be AFN President by all means”.

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