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Yusuf Yakubu Vows To Pursue NBA Dream

 Former Texas Prairie View A&M University basketball Star, Yusuf Yakubu is not leaving any stone unturned to fulfill his dreams of playing in the NBA.

The 6″7″ power forward who would have been drafted to the NBA in 2018 could not make the cut after he was wrongly accused of sexual assault in 2017. This allegation led to his detainment for 17 months in jail.

While narrating his experience from his base in Houston, the 26 year old stated that he went through an emotional torture and often times thought of suicide because of the false accusation leveled against him.

He said he was described as an illegal alien despite having his green card. He pointed out that some journalists who didn’t find out the truth about the story wrote alot of negative things about him neglecting the phrase “Being innocent until proven guilty”.

Yakubu’s former girlfriend who was contacted while he was in custody made it clear that the basketball Star is too good to do such a thing. After 17 months in custody, Yusuf Yakubu was cleared of all wrongdoing and the case was dismissed in the interest of Justice.

Yakubu is now staying focused to chase his basketball dream to the zenith. Yakubu who also expressed his belief in the American Justice system is now focused on his career with different scholarship offers at his doorstep but yet to make a choice.

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