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Football star Who Was In Coma For 2 Years Awakens

The Ajax midfielder and Dutch footballer, Abdelhek Nouri who was in a coma for 2 years, 8 months and 19 days has finally woken up according to his family members.

The news was also shared on twitter by Usher Komugisha, the African football reporter.

Ajax’s Abdelhak ‘Appie’ Nouri sustained severe and permanent brain damage after suffering a cardiac arrhythmia attack in a pre-season friendly with German outfit Werder Bremen in July 2017.

The 22-year-old was in a coma for months but is now recovering in a house built especially for him, where he ‘sleeps, eats, frowns and burps but is very dependent.’

His father Mohammed told the Daily Mail that the family had been through a ‘serious ordeal’, adding: ‘We have to take care of him at our very best. We try to do a lot ourselves.’

Many of Europe’s top players paid a series of tributes to the youngster after his collapse.

Abdelhak Nouri (born 2 April 1997) is a Dutch former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. Nouri operated primarily as an attacking midfielder, but could also be deployed as a winger.

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