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SKF Sered Star, Attah Junior Reveals Role Model, Dream Club

Christian Attah Junior is a Nigerian footballer who plays for SKF Sered’ in the Slovakian Super Liga in Central Europe.

Born on 23rd October, 1997, the 27-year-old Akwa-Ibom State-born striker fancies playing for English giants, Manchester City, in no distant time.

In an exclusive interview with Eche Amos, the lanky attacker disclosed that his move to his present Slovak Club was one of his best decisions to trigger the actualization of his dream.

Attah joined SKF Sered’ in August, 2019, in a three year contract that will expire in 2022.

In the chat , the former El-Kanemi Warriors FC, Niger Tornadoes FC and FC Galadima player explained about the difference between the football that is played in Europe compared to Nigeria by saying,

“In Europe, you have the best players, best coaches, best facilities, surrounded by amazing fans. Everybody is so disciplined and respect one another, irrespective of your background.

“Though their kind of football is faster, with little or no space or time to recover. But I am happy am adapting well to the system and everything.

“I think my move to Europe is a bright start. This is where the best kind of football is played. The big clubs are also here, like Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich – you can name them.

“The competition here is second to none. You have to be extremely good to command a starting shirt. I am using my current club as a build-up to actualize my dreams.

“My aim in this career is to play for one of those big clubs – Manchester City to be very specific. I support them, and I know a bit about their history, how they want to win every game and title”, commented an Attah who has already scored four goals and provided two assists in four games in the FA Cup for his Slovak Super Liga club, SKF Sered’ before sporting activities in Europe and across the globe were halted due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Also wishing for a national call-up by his country, Nigeria, someday, Attah, also known as ‘Miracle 9’, idolizes Portugal and Juventus FC’s talismanic striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, calling him his role model on the field of play:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a different player that everyone wants to idolize because of all his dedication, his commitment, and his understanding of the game.

“He constantly improves his performance to better himself even though he has reached the top.

“I so admire him that I honestly would like to follow in his pathway”, he revealed.

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