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Use Supporters Club To Promote Government Activities- FAN Club Boss

The National President of the Football Fans Club of Nigeria Ambassador Oluwakemi Ogunfunwa has advocated that government at all levels can use the Supporters’ Club to promote the activities or policies of the government at International level.

The FAN Club Boss who spoke as a Guest of an online Whatsapp platform “FCT Football Update” said , this will boost the image of the country among comity of nations.

She said that despite the proliferation of the various supporters club, that Government has roles to play by constantly meeting with the leaders of the groups to fashion out positive ways forward in projecting the image of the country through Football and other Sporting activities

The CAF Orange award winner said it is only then, that the government could unify and streamline the members of each group with definite roles to play especially during international matches.

She said the objective of the Football Fans Club is to have a brand of Supporters’ Club that would make Nigeria proud at any national and International event. “A club that will cheer the national teams to victory at all levels with equal benefits to all members”.

She said that clubs can be unified if they all agree to have a reform.

“Aside that, we help our Ex Internationals in time of distress with every available vigour and energy. The fear of God and particularly the love to all and sundry are very key amongst our members”.

Ambassador Oluwakemi Ogunfunwa described the Football Fans Club of Nigeria as a group designed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor “which thus means that regardless of your status, we do as much as possible to build everyone along and make everybody a somebody. In short, FFCN is a leveller” she concluded.

I started without nothing as an under graduate and we will definitely build more people to rich the peak in this group, especially our women.

I don’t think there is any group, association or government that is problem free but the major challenges is finding sponsors and I think we are growing past it.The fear of God, sincerity and true love amongst members.

We discourage any form of hanky panky or racketeering of any form against members.

The football fans club is recognised and endorsed by the Federation.
As our name is called, FOOTBALL fans club of Nigeria, for us the round leather game comes first. We have also shown interest in other sporsts. We were prepared to be part of Olympic games to support Team Nigeria before the pandemic. As a member of the Nigeria Olympic Committee, i was part of the process and preparation. Though our football team did not qualify.
There is no challenge what so ever during our activites. Everybody is matured now, when you refused to be intimidated, stay calm,focus on your purpose and move on.

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