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Democratize Club Administration In Nigeria-Biffo

Kwara United Head Coach Abdullahi Usman Biffo has appealed to the relevant authorities in the country to democratize the administration of club football in the country for speedily development.

Biffo who was the Guest of the virtual interview of FCT Football Update said football administration in the country is very difficult, considering the fact that the tenure of the administrators are not specified, making continuity very impossible.

Quoting his words, the former Katsina United gaffer said “if we take a look at the NPFL clubs, many of them are government sponsored clubs. The administrative positions in clubs are politicized. Most of the Chairmen are either politicians or friends of the politicians. When they give them the job, there are many more people who will be challenging their appointments, and waiting for them to fail so that they can take over. These administrators would not have time to put any developmental program on ground, they would circumvent every available rules to make sure they win, in order to keep their jobs. The administrators don’t have time at all.

But, if the club administrators are elected for a specific time limit and tenure, those who have the interest of handling the positions would have to wait until such a time when new elections to the positions would be held, and they will have no option than to support the club fully, knowing fully well that if the club fails, they will not have any thing to administer.

This will also give the administrators the opportunity to carry their programs to term”. He said that these would be the best way to properly position the clubs to compete favourably with clubs in other countries.

Biffo commended the LMC for putting certain structures on ground towards moving the league forward. “We are moving forward. You can agree with me that in the past, it was a taboo for a team to win in an away match. But, in the past three seasons, no team is secured anywhere. If you don’t play well at home, you lose, and if you play well at away, you win. This is a great improvement, and we must support the LMC and NFF to continue the good job” he concluded.

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