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Winning Olympic Gold Medal My Ultimate Goal – Abrie

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Nigeria’s long jumper Mercy Abire said winning an Olympic gold and World Champions for the country is her ultimate goal.

Abire while speaking to LEADERSHIP sports, expressed her confidence of qualifying for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan following her impressive start in the 2020 athletics season before the COVID -19 outbreak.

“Every athlete dreams is to go professional and be the best version of themselves. I want to go professional and also impact in a lot upcoming athlete’s life positively” she said.

“I want to climb that podium in the Olympics and the World Champions. I have never doubted myself in that.”

 “Qualifying for the Tokyo Olympic is my targets for this year and I had that believe of doing that this year because I start the season so good and am working hard to ensure I compete for podium performance at the Olympic”

The US-based athletes who missed 2019 All African Games due to injuries, called on the government to further place athletics as a top priority.

“Coaches in Nigeria have a very good grassroots program, the Nigerian government need to support and believe in athletes. Host more competition,  provide good medical, give athletes there right allowances also post all records of an athlete performance on IAAF”.

“Many athletes complain a lot about how they are been treated (I am included too) but Nigeria needs to develop on all athletes and not their favourites. Funny enough they don’t value track but we as an athlete still go out there to make the country proud”.

She further called for seizing fire in the leadership crises rocking the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

“They need to work more on it to end the Leadership crisis and hear the voice of the athletes” she concluded.

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