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Edo 2020 Games : COVID-19 Protocols Thrown To Dustbin At National Sports Festival


As the events at the ongoing 20th edition of the National Sports Festival (NSF) continues in Edo State tagged Edo 2020, one can safely say that every aspect of the Covid 19 protocols has been thrown into the dustbin.
Wearing of face masks can only be seen to be adhered to by only very few in a ratio of 20:100 while the Physical distancing is non existent at the festival venues.
The vehicles conveying athletes and officials from one point to another is always full to capacity with people even standing.
The seating arrangements at the Samuel Ogbumedion stadium though market to give room for social distancing is not being adhered to.
The hostel accommodation at the games village (University of Benin) main campus is also an eye sore as athletes are kept eight in a room and with very poor water system and bad doors subjecting the athletes to poor condition of living.
Points of eating for the athletes and officials is also far from being hygeinic as it is sorrounded with dirts while the food vendors point of sales is not any different.
Although general Covid 19 test was carried out for athletes and officials upon arrival at the games village, reports has it that some of the athletes and officials tested positive to the virus and we’re quarantined but the sitiation might explode if necessary measures are not taken now as the games continues.

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