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Why Nigeria Must Explore Golf Business Potentials -Mackson

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Golf enthusiast, Daniel Iworiso Mackson, has emphasized the need for Nigeria to explore the business potentials of golf for optimum development of the game in the country.

 Mackson said Nigerians are passionate about the game of golf but have not translated into business compared to what is obtainable in western countries.
He urged corporate organisations in the country to take a cue from their counterparts in other clime and make it as a due to sponsor tournaments and professional golfers as Nigeria is bound to reap bountifully from the sports.

“I noticed that there are more people in Nigeria who are keen and passionate about the game but that passion has not been translated into business. There is the business side to every sport. The business side of golf in Nigeria has not been really utilised. Therefore, you find a number of professionals needing encouragement and support.

“Unfortunately, corporate Nigerians still find it very difficult to throw their weight behind golf sponsorship and that for me is a big concern because it is one area that I think if we really invest in, Nigeria is bound to reap bountifully from it,” he told to LEADERSHIP Sports.

Mackson who is the Chairman of FirstNews called on golf associations to partner sports marketing agencies so as to drive investors into the sport, adding that golf is not meant for the elite alone.

“Golf associations in Nigeria need to deliberately engage sports marketing agencies. People have the misconception that golf is a game for the rich people. When you pick the statistics, a number of people who play golf are executives of multinational companies. We are not doing it for ourselves but for our young people.
“We are doing it for the economy because frankly speaking, golf is one sport that can drive investment in this part of the world. I have played alongside so many pros. Young men who are very good if encouraged. But unfortunately, we are not getting that support and encouragement from those that really matter,” he concluded.

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