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Complete Guide to Watch 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games From Anywhere

We are finally a few weeks from the Tokyo Olympic. Even though it looked like it would never hold anymore, we are now closer than ever.

You already know that the country is not taking visitors traveling in to watch the games. Even the locals are not sure if they would be allowed into the game venues yet.

In light of that, this piece is designed around letting you in on everything you need to know before the games start – and how best to get all the games from anywhere in the world.

When do the games start?

The Olympic 2020 is scheduled to last between 23 July and August 8. The Paralympic games will kick off almost immediately, spanning 24 August to 5th September instead. That allows the officials enough time to get the grounds ready for all the events that take place over both tiers.


What new games make it to this year’s edition?

Olympic 2020 promises to be even more interesting, with a host of new events making it to the competition. Here, we have skateboarding, surfing, karate, sport climbing, and the women canoe sprint. There are also promises of modifying some of the existing games (like basketball) such that they are played in more interesting formats.


Which networks are showing the Olympic 2020?

NBC has pulled a usual one and acquired the rights to all of the games.

There will be some local channels with access to some of the games, but nothing as comprehensive as what NBC is managing. Thus, they are the best way to stream and watch the game from all over the world.

In case you are traveling at the time of the game – or you’re not in the target market – you can always consider downloading a VPN, connecting to the supported server location, and getting the games without any hiccups.


What teams are favorites this year?

The interesting thing about the Olympic is how they are a platform for amateurs and pros to show their stuff to the world. Given the new crop of amateur pros that come up every year – and the fact that we have not seen them before, it is challenging to come up with who the favorite for any year or event is.

That makes the Olympic one of the most interesting tournaments and competitions to watch.


Can the event be cancelled?

Due to coronavirus fears and concerns, it is logical to think if the event will go through or might be cancelled. From all indications, though, nothing can stop the events from happening this time. Even the longest-serving member of the current Olympic board has claimed that only an event as serious as the end of the world could cause a cancellation.


Final Words

The Olympic do not happen every year. Last year, the world was collectively dealing with a lot that Olympic were the least of our worries. Now that they are here again, the best you can do is familiarize yourself with the schedule, kick back, and enjoy the event.


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