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Why You Should Avoid Sex Before Sporting Activities- Medical Expert

A medical practitioner and a former Footballer at the University of Ibadan, Dr Adedamola Mosuro has advised sportsmen and women to avoid sexual intercourse before their game.

Dr.Adedamola Mosuro who is a Family Physician and Owner of Feathers Medical Clinic, Ophthalmologist FWACS (Ophth), Saskatchewan, Canada, spoke as a Guest of the Ex- University of Ibadan Footballers Association virtual platform at the weekend, said sex
carried within the period of an activity that requires physical exertion and concentration, might not be advised as it has the tendency to drains energy, and could slow down ones performance.

The medical expert who was popularly known as Sparrow during his football playing days in the University, however said sexual activity, well timed, is not contraindicated, and in can be advised by some experts.

He insisted that proper lifestyle is advised for optimal performance of every sportsman and woman.

On ensuring general well-being of athletes, Dr Mosuro said “It’s tough advising authorities in general if there is no initiative to cater for the well-being of athletes. All sports administrators always want the best from athletes, no matter the consequence” .

Continuing, he said “In an ideal world, having a physiotherapist, a physician, a nurse, a massage therapist will be the starting point. It would also help if they know what to do in the setting of an emergency. A physician with training in sports medicine will be ideal”.

“Having a functioning AED on standby would also save lives if there is a cardiac arrest, as we saw at the Europe recently ” he concluded.

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