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Nigerian players are full of deceit-Monimichelle

Foremost infrastructural developer Ebi Egbe has revealed that Nigerian players are full of deceit, making it difficult to manager.

Egbe, who is popularly known as Monimichelle made the revelation while speaking on virtual Personality Interview Segment of the FCT Football Update platform at the weekend.

Ebi Egbe

Monimichelle said managing Nigerian players are so difficult, leading to his abandoning his players manager ‘s business to managing grasses. “Managing grasses are drawn out of passion, and we also draw our inspiration from the good commendation we receive from the main actors on pitch, which is always a thing of Joy.

But, managing Nigeria players, they are very difficult. They hardly tell you the truth, they will have about five international passports, they hardly tells you their true age, moreover, after you have nurtured them from childhood to stardom, they will turn their backs at you. They hardly tell you the truth”.

He maintained that his good job continues to speak for him “I don’t lobby for jobs, but the good ones we have done, speak for us”. He rated the Enyimba International stadium as one of the best in the world, and that its the was the biggest in the world.

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