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Catch Them Young And They Will Become Prolific Players Of Chess

By Vivian Onubogu

The FCT Chess players have just concluded their summer training for kids in primary and secondary schools. In an interview conducted by the Head, Media and Communication, FCT Sports Department, Vivian Onubogu, she noted that the training has been going on at the Board Room of the FCT Sports Department.

Even though the summer training has come and gone, these kids have got passion for chess and are determined to continue training at their individual homes using the down loaded Chess App from the web. I can assure you that by the time these kids are adults, they will become prolific Chess Players, so you have to catch them young. Chess is a recreational and competitive board game between two players.

Playing Chess depends on your level of absorption. It could take a month to learn, while for some it takes years. For you to be engaged in Chess you must possess the attributes that helps in brain development. These attributes include patience, perseverance, observation, changes in intelligence quotient (I.Q), higher order thinking, analytical mind (in chess you don’t move with instinct you calculate before you move). These are words of Sani Mohammed, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Rtd).

Sani Mohammed who has been playing Chess since 1973, is also Chairman, Care Taker Committee in Chess, he was a two term President, Nigeria Chess Federation.

Mohammed maintained that kids should combine Physical Sports and Chess. According to him, Chess is a brain game, you have to be physically fit and mentally sound. There is a symbiotic relationship between physical sports and mental sport. You have to be physically fit in order to be mentally alert (sound mind in a sound body).

According to Sani Mohammed, there are some health benefits to be derived from playing chess; it grows dendrites, it exercises both sides of the brain, decreases risk of Alzheimer’s disease, helps treat schizophrenia, improves children’s thinking and problem solving skills, builds self-confidence, helps with rehabilitation and therapy.

He reiterated the need for Chess players to also engage in other physical sports as research has shown that 70%o of human energy is concentrated in the brain.


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